Friday, September 01, 2006

What This Week's Blogs Tell You About IPR in China

Friday, August 25

Saterday, August 26
Internet, that sea of info gives and takes. To my regret Asia Business Law is no more. However Christopher Cassidy and Travis Hodgkins are continuing somewhere else, and Christopher Pitts and Jason Lohr might return, some day somewhere: Thank you for reading.

Sunday, August 27

Monday, August 28
Susan Scafidi has a great posting about trademark infringement you have to see for yourself: Counterfeit Coffee Break 2.

Tuesday, August 29
Dan Harris of China Law Blog blogged about Cover Your Bases. Cover Your Patents, a posting of Richard Brubaker of All Roads Lead To China, good advice including don't become complacent and be proactive: Cover Your Bases In China By Covering Your IP

Wednesday, August 30
Richard Kuslan of Asia Business Intelligence has a short article about Dell Loses China Trademark Suit, and a request to send him the transcript of the judgment. That's the spirit Richard!

Dan Harris of China Law Blog states that the real improvement in IPR in China will come when domestic companies start to demand protection for their IPRs: Chinese Pirates Like Chinese Brands And That's A Good Thing

Thursday, August 31
Susan Scafidi of Counterfeit Chic in her Knock-off Week 30 referred to a short article about Zippo, here (more about the Zippo case you can find here); and about more Chinese companies going to court to enforce their IPR here. IP Dragon reacted to the enthusiasm about the growth in litigation by proposing the enforcement ratio, see here.

Friday, September 1
Bill Heinze of I/P Updates blogged about Ahuja's World patent and Trademark News article about Chinese Protection Measures for Digital Communication of Protected Works. Interesting, but where can we find a translated version of the Regulations On The Right Of Communication Of Works/Performances On The Internet (26 Jun 2006)?

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