Friday, October 06, 2006

Mandelson's Tries To Exorcise IPR Infringements In China By Lullaby

Mark Barton and Warren Giles wrote the article "Mandelson warns China on trademark violations" for Bloomberg and South Africa's Business Day is running the story.

They wrote: "“The law exists, but it needs to be enforced,” Mandelson said of China’s patent infringements." and: "Mandelson said in an interview late on Wednesday in Brussels. “I reserve the right to take a case to the WTO.”" Yawn, yawn, you have read it all before. And this repeating can give the impression of a lullaby. Read more here.

The above mentioned article also mentioned briefly a survey. EurActive wrote more elaborately about it: "According to the EU Chamber of Commerce in China’s 2006 Business Confidence Survey, weak Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection is still regarded as one of the key challenges of doing business in China, with only 9% of respondents never having encountered IPR protection related problems in China and 67 stating that the present enforcement of IP laws and regulations in China does not act as an effective deterrent.
This is a cross-sectoral problem which causes huge losses for sectors as varied as agro-chemicals, textiles, automotive and pharmaceuticals."

Read more here. The direct link to the EU Chamber of Commece in China survey itself I could not connect to, yet.

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