Monday, November 20, 2006

Haier Files 2.6 Patent Applications Per Day

Gao Hucheng, the Vice-Minister of Commerce, wrote an article about the need for China to improve its brands and IPRs in order to become internationally more competitive.

Haier, the Chinese posterchild that is taking its brand very serious, "put[s] forth 2.6 patents each day on average and takes the lead among all household appliance enterprises in China with it total 6,189 patents."

Other Chinese companies include: "Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. [which] has obtained over 20 world leading key technologies for container cranes and the Dual 40 Feet Containers' Quayside Container Crane invented by the company can improve the efficiency of handling containers by over 60 percent. Relying on the globally exclusive technology, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. has seized 50 percent of the world's port machinery market. A second example is that Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. has jointly developed 18 kinds of worldly leading gasoline and diesel engines with its partners and exported such engines to various countries, and it is expected that it will export 13,000 engines to the USA this year. The sales of other products with independent brands of Huawei Technologies Ltd, ZTE Corp., and Kangnai Group Co., Ltd. in the international markets are also increasing steadily."

It's interesting to glance over these sites, since they give you an impression of the aspirations each of these mentioned brands have.

Read the translation of Gao's article on China Economic Net here.

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