Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Novartis' Optimistic About IPR in China

Contrary to other pharmaceutical giants Novartis is setting up a research centre in Shanghai, which is a relatively expensive location. Novartis wants to cater to globetrotting scientist, tap the ideas of the local universities and study typical Chinese reactions to some diseases.

The Economist of 11th-17th November wrote:

"What about concerns over intellectual property? Conditions are improving, says Mr Vasella [Novartis' chief exective], and are now tolerable, if not ideal. When it comes to counterfeiting, for example, producers of fake drugs are still not tracked down by the authorities, but they are dealt with when exposed by others. And since drugs take such a long time to develop, Mr Vasella believes intellectual-property protection will be sufficient by the time the research laboratory produces its first fruits."

Read the Economist article 'A Novel Prescription' here.

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