Sunday, February 11, 2007

Genuine Fake Holograms From China

Marty Graham wrote an article about counterfeited holograms for Wired News.

Graham explains that as the counterfeited products increase in value, the sooner counterfeited holograms are added to fake genuineness of the products. The technology to copy holograms has been diffused around the world. So counterfeiters can either copy it themselves, buy it from hologram counterfeiters or buying the real holograms from the backdoor.

"Twenty years ago, the technology to duplicate holograms was carefully guarded where now it's widely diffused," says Ed Dietrich, who has worked on hologram security issues for more than 20 years. "There are lots of little companies in China, for example, that make holograms now -- not to say that's good or bad, just that the technology is diffused."

The article questions the raison d'être of holograms, because the consumers cannot tell the difference between fake and genuine holograms. However, scanning machines in the hands of customs could make searching for fakes holograms more effective.

Read Graham's article here.

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