Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Lax IPR Keeps Chinese Companies Lazy In Terms of R&D"

BusinessWeek runs an article of Associated Press about the 'Study on the Future Opportunities and Challenges in EU-China Trade and Investment Relations 2006-2010' prepared by Philip Bartley of the Emerging Markets Group consultancy, for the European Commission.
Bartley said that China would also benefit from opening up its market, mentioning EU and U.S. concerns over copyright and piracy enforcement. "Lax intellectual property rights in may ways keep Chinese companies lazy in terms of their own research and development."

Read the BusinessWeek article here.

The study is comprised of 11 sectoral issues (Machinery, Chemicals, etc.) and 1 about IPR, exploring China's IP environment, which was written by Dr. Paul Ranjard of UNIFAB Beijing and Benoît Misonne of the EU-China Trade Project.

See the complete study here and the chapter about IPR in China here.

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