Thursday, February 15, 2007

If it Looks Like a Hummer, Sounds Like a Hummer, Drinks Like a Hummer ...

An anonymous writer of Washington Wire of the Wall Street Journal quoted US vice-president Dick Cheney saying:

I remember being over there once, meeting with a group of American businessmen in Shanghai….” the vice president said. And they were telling me about a company that manufactures the Hummer…only it’s not General Motors. It’s a local company over there doing this exact replica that looks exactly like the Hummer. And I asked them, what do they say when you point out the fact that it’s an exact replica of an American product? They said, oh, it’s just a coincidence.

Cheney is very convinced about Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's commitment to straighten China's IP enforcement challenges out. Richard Kuslan, of Asia Business Intelligence and himself an old China hand, is less impressed by Paulson's decision to appoint Alan Holmer, who will negotiate economic subjects with China, including the enforcement of IP, but who lacks substantial China knowledge and experience.

Read the Washington Wire article here and Kuslan's article here.

I looked for pictures of this Chinese Hummer. But all I could find were the pictures of the "People's Hummer" manufactured by Beijing Benz DaimlerChrysler Corporation, see at, here. So is DaimlerChrysler in China infringing General Motors, the birthplace of the Hummer?


Tim said...

GM is not the birthplace of the Hummer. AM General, of Mishawaka, Indiana, created and manufactures the Humvee and the Hummer H1. GM makes the H2 and H3, and has the marketing rights to all 3.

Limo said...

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