Friday, March 02, 2007

Dance Copyright Infringemement Case: Thousand-hand Bodhisattva

September 30, 2006 Coldness Kwan wrote an article for the China Daily about a dance copyright infringement case. The dance is the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance, see it on YouTube here.

"Mao Difang, 71-year-old retired dance director, filed a lawsuit suing Zhang Jigang£¬head of the Troupe of the General Political Department of the China Liberation Army and China Art Troupe for Disabled Persons for infringement. Mao is asking for one million yuan in compensation."

"Mao claims the defendant adopted the same theme and the same costumes for the dancers, who wear long nails and have eyes on their hands. Mao also used photos to support claims of other similarities including music, structure, props and even the male to female ratio of the dancers. However the 'thousand hand Bodhisattva' registered for copyright last April, three months after its debut on CCTV, which angered Mao. "Some of those who are in the dance field are rather disrespectful to their mentors," said Mao. "One is allowed to stand on the shoulders of mentors and climb, but they must admit they are on their mentors' shoulders.""

The court would hear the case. It is not clear whether a court decision has been given. If you know more, please tell me.

Read the Kwan's article here.

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