Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guangdong Lux Soap Cleansed of Counterfeit Trademark in Guyana

Remember Guyana's Court that granted an injunction against alleged counterfeit Lux soap from Guangdong? See here. Well the soap continues.

"On February 6, Justice B S Roy, sitting in the Commercial Court had granted an injunction against the importer and defendant Mohamed Niazi Khan, of Multi Beverage Company, located at Cornelia Ida or 46-47 Hadfield Street, preventing him from opening and distributing the contents of the container, which was lodged at John Fernandes Wharf. The injunction restrained the defendant or agents of his from infringing the plaintiff's registered trademark No. 5463A."

On March 9, Unilever was granted the right to remove its trademark from all of the soaps in the container, in an order signed by Justice Roy. Labourers were deployed to remove the registered trademarks of Lux from 1,266 cartons of soap purporting to be goods manufactured by Unilever. Read Nicosia Smith's excellent article for the Stabroek News, including pictures of the action, here.

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