Thursday, March 29, 2007

Media As the Battleground in Case of IPR Infringement

Alistair J. Nicholas, managing director of AC Capital Strategic Public Relations, a China-based corporate communications and public affairs consultancy with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, wrote an article for Business Week. The author has directed the communications strategies of various foreign clients regarding IPR litigation in China.

Nicholas writes:

"Historically, foreign companies taking legal action in China have been reticent to engage the local media as they believe, quite rightly, that it will likely take the side of the local company being sued, irrespective of the merits of the case."

The tactic for foreign is to engage China-based foreign media in order to generate international news coverage.

"[O]verseas media coverage will be reported back to Beijing via China's global network of embassies, consulates and internal news reporting organs. For example, Xinhua, apart from running its news wire service, also prepares classified briefing papers and cables for senior government officials."

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Rich Kuslan, Editor, Asia Business Intelligence said...

Hi, Dragon. Yes, we all fondly remember the good old days when Xinhua "journalists" were major sources of intelligence for decision makers in Beijing. But I would be cautious about the claim that "overseas media coverage will be reported back to Beijing via...etc." Does this internal practice persist to as great an extent as it did formerly? How do we know that? There are many other sources available, and a heckuva lot more news to collect. And, if it has persisted, is it even practiced on soft commercial intelligence? I wonder how Alistair supports this claim.