Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Allegations by Mainland Chinese of HK Counterfeiting Lead To New Consumer Protection for Mainland Chinese in HK

The South China Morning Post, by only offering subscription based articles, has de facto isolated itself from the blogosphere. However, their podcasts are free. So here is the transcription of a remarkable news item related to IPR:

"In City News, Dennis Enright writes about several measures the Travel Industry Council is proposing to shore up HK's image among mainland's tourists. In particular the council wants retailers that sell merchandise to tour groups to offer refunds up to six months from the date of purchase. The proposals come after allegations that an HK retailer sold a mainland tourist expensive counterfeit watches. The council has also proposed limiting the ability of a retailer to change its name and subjecting retailers to a more stringent demerit system. The measures will not be in time for the labour day golden week holiday, which begins next month."

Listen to the SCMP's podcast here (arount the sixth minute).

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