Friday, April 13, 2007

EU Will Not Support US WTO Piracy Case: Good Cop Approach

The EU is not joining the US in filing formal complaints at the WTO in Geneva against China for inadequate copyright and trademark rights enforcement. Although the EU agrees with the WTO case against China in substance, it is not willing to burn its fingers, anxious for economical retaliations.

Ben Blanchard of the Guardian Unlitited wrote:
"Viviane Reding, the EU Information Society and Media Commissioner, said protecting intellectual property rights was a fundamental concern of the block, China's largest trading partner, but legal action was not the way to go."

Read Blanchard's article here.

We'll see whether the good cop bad cop approaches of the EU and US respectively will bear any fruit.

The position of Japan, Switzerland and Australia is unknown. They have 10 days to join the formal complaint of the US as of April 1o. See Managing IP's article 'Allies slow to join US WTO case against China' (which is a bit strange title, because they are undecided and may decide not to join at all) here.

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