Friday, May 11, 2007

Peter Yu's Response to HK's Consultation on Copyright Reform

Hong Kong, as any jurisdiction, wrestles with the question of how to adapt to the ever changing demands and challenges of copyright law in the digital era. The Hong Kong government has publised its 'Consultation on Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment', see here.

The prolific Peter K. Yu (余家明) responded, commissioned by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong, with a position paper called 'Digital Copyright Reform in Hong Kong: Promoting Creativity Without Sacrificing Free Speech, see here.
The position paper deals with: Criminal liability, Notice and takedown procedure, Subpoena mechanism, Statutory damages, Other options, and The internet's promise for Hong Kong.

Mr. Yu, the Associate Professor of Law and the founding director of the Intellectual Property & Communications Law Program at Michigan State University College of Law, is well versed in US Copyright Law (US Code: Title 17, Copyrights) and encourages the Hong Kong government to take heed of the lessons learned in the US on copyright law and to assess copyright law reforms empirically.

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