Thursday, May 03, 2007

Suny Ericssun: Wrong Phone Number, eeh, Name

Remember the story about the counterfeit Nokia, see here, Maximus of Just Another Mobile Phone Blog, has another great story about a mobile that is called not Sony Ericsson, but Suny Ericssun.

Because of the similarity, this is a good example of a violation of article 52 (1) Trademark Law:

Any of the following acts shall be an infringement of the exclusive right to use a registered trademark: (1) to use a trademark that is identical with or similar to a registered trademark in respect of the identical or similar goods without the authorization from the trademark registrant;

And even if Sony Ericsson did not register this name, they can claim that their brand is protected as a well-known mark, see the criteria for a well-known mark in article 14 Trademark Law or that the use of the similar brand is likely to cause confusion for consumers, see article 13 Trademark Law.

Read Maximus' article and see the pictures here.

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