Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Order To Clean Up China's Environment Intellectual Property Rights Need To Be Protected

July 10, IP Dragon wrote that the IP protection in China is a big challenge, but peanuts compared to China's environmental challenge and elaborated on the parallels between solving IP and the environmental problems, read more here.

Mr Matt Perkins of the online version of The Cornell Daily Sun, which have been an independent newspaper since 1880 written by the students of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, wrote the article 'Intellectual Property is Green' explaining another relation between IP and the environment:
"[I]n order for American corporations to be there to capture that growing market, they will need to outsource some portion of their manufacturing to stay alive in the global market. But this can't happen in an environment where IP is not protected. So – the take-away is: a critical component of solving China's environmental issues (and protecting both the U.S.'s and China's economic vitality), is greater IP enforcement."

Read Mr Perkins' article here.

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