Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is Infringing IPR Promoting a Greater Understanding of Chinese Culture?

Josh Gartner of China Expat asks himself the following questions: Why is the Confucius Institute Online Stealing Content? Referring to the content this institute unauthorisedly copied from China Expat, well documented on the site of China Expat.

The Confucius Institute, set up by the Chinese state to promote a greater understanding of Chinese culture. So is IPR infringement promoting a greater understanding of Chinese culture, asks Gartner again. Read more here.

Head tip to China Law Blog.

In my upcoming thesis I write:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, all countries that have not been communist and have cultures that are historically steeped in Confucianism, are evidence that Confucian doctrine does not have to be an impediment to the respect of IPR enforcement.

UPDATE: The Confucius Institute online has apologised and removed China Expat's copyrighted content from its site, read more here.

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