Thursday, January 24, 2008

Africa Preferred Route Chinese Counterfeits To Europe

Thailand is the preferred route into Asia for counterfeit and pirated goods originating from China, read here. Now IP Dragon learned from Jeremy Phillips, known from the renowned IP Kat, but also contributor to the new blog Afro-IP who is quoting Christophe Zimmermanna, head of the Brussels-based World Customs Organisation's counterfeiting and piracy unit, that the African continent is the favourite transit route to Europe for goods infringing IP coming from China.

Read more on Afro-IP here and its source Reuters here.

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FOARP said...

Somehow I doubt that the DVDs hawked by south-east Asians outside of Whitechapel station here on the Mile End road in London (just half a mile from Queen Mary, U. of L., where Jeremy Phillips is a visiting professor) have been smuggled into Europe via the dark continent. I suspect a more direct route, I mean, half the shipping containers you see in the streets of London have come straight from the far east.