Thursday, March 27, 2008

Which Event Is 2007 China Top Ten IPR Event?

China's Intellectual Property Protection in China (IPR in China) started with democracy of some kind. Although 30 nominations of the events were already given, netizens can vote untill 12 o'clock of April 8. However, then IPR in China will decide 15 final candidate events according to the results of the vote and then the experts appraisal committee will determine the Top Ten Events. It gives a good overview of the events China deems important and is proud about.

The following the 30 candidate events are nominated:
1. Chinese century-long food brand “Wangzhihe” wins lawsuit against German company
2. NCA, MPS and MII jointly combat Internet piracy
3. Notice on time-honored brand ICH released
4. MOA releases plan for protection and development of new varieties of agricultural plants
5. SPC promulgates opinions on strengthening IPR trial
6. SIPO: revised Patent Law submitted to the State Council for examination
7. MOFCOM releases trial measures on brand appraisement and protection
8. No. 1 Document: strengthen IP protection in agriculture
9. China signs Singapore treaty on law of trademarks
10. SAIC promulgates measures on symbols of GI products
11. SPC hears Yamaha trademark infringement case
12. Chinese government releases China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2007
13. New Interpretation issued to enhance criminal protection of IP
14. U.S. petitions WTO for China's IPR issues
15. Shanghai seizes illegal audio-video product hideouts
16. China, U.S. customs sign memorandum on IPR law enforcement
17. China announces selected intangible cultural heritage inheritors
18. WCT and WPPT comes into force from June 9
19. China Customs awarded for anti-counterfeit, piracy efforts
20. China's first IPR-related case of online game in 2007: Zhengtu Private Server Case
21. China, U.S jointly launch "summer solstice" action
22. Proceedings against Japanese TV station launched
23. SAIC to combat misleading brands
24. SASAC convenes first IP conference of central enterprises
25. Implementation of IP Strategy clearly indicated in Hu Jintao’s speech
26. China ratifies protocol amending WTO's TRIPS agreement
27. Installation of genuine software in enterprises achieve remarkable results
28. China patent applications reach 4 million 29. China trademark registration hits 3 million
30. Amount of fake cigarette cases investigated by Fuzhou Customs ranks first

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