Monday, June 09, 2008

Born Thanks To Counterfeiters?

Mr Robert Kessler of Newsday tells about counterfeit ring raids and warns that counterfeit condom of the Trojan Horse brand can be less than effective in preventing pregnancies and protect against diseases.

"A spokeswoman for Church and Dwight, the company that manufactures the legitimate Trojan condoms in the United States, declined to comment on whether the counterfeit Chinese condoms could fail to prevent pregnancies or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. But a source familiar with the federal investigation said that while the counterfeit condoms were of inferior quality, samples had been tested and they were no riskier to use than legitimate ones."

Ironically, these counterfeit Trojan Horse condoms could be like the trojan horse in the classical sense (striking unexpectedly, leaving the victim unprotected)
Read Mr Kessler's article here.

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