Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hong Kong Olympic Games: "Dress Code and Leave Branded Gifts At Home"

Mr Stephen Selby, director of the Intellectual Property Department urges spectators to the Olympic equestrian (horses) event in Hong Kong to abide by the Olympic rules on brand protection and advertising. This means that in the Olympic stadium and venues you can not wear clothes with large or obvious advertising of a brand. If people wear these, they have to remove them or cover them. And spectators cannot carry branded gifts that were handed outside the stadium.

See article 4C House Rules for Spectators (Ticket Holders):
No form of unauthorized publicity, commercial or otherwise, and no form of political propaganda, appearing on flags, banners, clothing, sportswear, accessories or, more generally, on any article of clothing or equipment whatsoever worn or used by spectators, athletes or other participants in the events is permitted. However, this shall not apply to identification of the manufacturer of the article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification shall not be marked conspicuously for the purposes of advertising.

and article 5A House Rules for Spectators (Ticket Holders):
Persons entering venues are prohibited from bringing any of the following items without authority: Any banners, propaganda, leaflets, and/or other promotional and display materials, the contents of which are discriminatory, political, or have any association with the activities described in para. (4) c. and d. above;

Read Mr Selby's press briefing last August 2 here.

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Stephanie said...

As a former competitive eventer that is usually a major hit to sponsorship. To get to the Olympic level major corporate sponsorship is necessary. So while the olympics won't be used for a venue for advertising other than the official olympic sponsors it would be way better for that the no advertising rule be across the board or have no rule at all. The spirit is good but not the execution.