Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IP Lawfirms: Ms Ages Y. Leung and Ms Selena Y.Y. Sun Join Wilkinson & Grist's IP Practice Group

Ms Leung Yang (Agnes) and Ms Sun Yuet Ying (Selena), are the new solicitors at the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Wilkinson & Grist. Read more here.

Their colleagues are:

Anne C.Y. Choi
Yvonne Chua
Andrea S.Y. Fong
Howard H.L. Tsang
Esther W.L. Ho
Mena S.M. Lo
Selene S.L. Ng
Lily Cheung
Venus K.P. Lee

Milla M.L. Cheung
Florence K.Y. Lam
Elaine M. Mak
Emma N.L. Tsang

Patent Agents/Foreign Lawyers
Charles C.C. Chan (U.S.)
James Y.S. Wan (Australia)
Emily R. Ma (PRC)
George G Wang (U.S.)
Liven L.F. Yang (PRC)
Jack J. Zhu (PRC)

PRC Lawyers and Trade Mark Agents
Sylvie Fu
Helene Jin
Denny Sun
Yedda Yuan
Yu Di
Sophia Zhang

Other key members
Petrus P.T. Chan
Sanny H.M. Cheung
Lowina Leung
Vivian H.T. Or
Annie K.K. Siu
Yan Wai Hon
Alan S.K. Young

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