Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Again Harsh Words in US-China Economic Security Review Commission Report (2008) About Intellectual Property Protection/Enforcement in China

In the 405 pages of the 2008 Report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic and Security (USCC) Riew Commission (published November 2008) intellectual property is mentioned often and prominently:

"China made scant progress in reining in the rampant counterfeiting and piracy that deprive legitimate foreign businesses operating in China of their intellectual property, while they provide an effective subsidy to Chinese companies that make use of stolen software and other advanced technology." pg. 12.

"But China's penchant for using currency manipulation, industrial subsidies and intellectual property theft to gain an advantage violates international norms." pg. 15

Also in the 2007 USCC report harsh words were easy to find:

"China is still not enforcing its own laws against intellectual property theft."

And in the 2006 USCC report:

"China's failure to enforce intellectual property provides a particularly egregious example of its noncompliance with WTO rules."

Read the 2008 annual USCC report here (pdf), the 2007 version you can find here and the 2006 version you can find here.

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