Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Negotiating With IP Infringers in China As A Last Resort

Mr Mark A. Lieberstein and Stephen W. Feingold (both working for Day Pitney LLP) were interviewed by Mr Albert W. Driver, editor of the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.

The interview, which has the title 'Keys to Enforceing Intellectual Property Rights in China' includes an interesting quote from Mr Lieberstein:
"While not the preferred approach for enforcing IP in China, negotiation can work if you reach out through a third-party in China to approach the counterfeiter and work out a deal; it can also save time and money. Of course, this may be the only strategy available if a company slept on its rights and never registered its marks in China, unless it is lucky enough to have a brand that is well-known or famous in China. Recognition outside of China, however, is not relevant."

Read the interviewer Mr Driver and the interviewees Messrs Lieberstein and Feingold here.

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