Friday, January 16, 2009

Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Makes Itself Heard Against Beijing Infringers

IP Dragon welcomes a new organisation that will fight the manufacturers of and traders in counterfeit guitars. The Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (EGACC), founded by four guitar manufacturers; Ibanez, Gretsch, Fender and Paul Reed Smith, in March 2008 and will lobby government authorities to enforce their intellectual property laws better against counterfeiting. Gear-Vault broke the news about the EGACC, read more here.

The first action of EGACC was to bundle their complaints, involve law firm Baker & McKenzie to activate the Public Security Bureau in Beijing against two alleged counterfeiters: and

After investigations, the Xuanwu District Public Security Bureau in Beijing initiated simultaneous raids on November 26, 2008, against the retail operations and warehouse of both Paylessguitar and Musoland in Beijing.

Gear-Vaul, the music gear research and resources magazine wrote: "The PSB seized over 1,200 counterfeit guitars and other musical instruments not only counterfeiting all four EGACC group member brands but also those of several other renowned electric guitar manufacturers."

According to a spokesperson of Baker & McKenzie:

"The EGACC group members are grateful for the cooperation of the PSB, and of other PRC enforcement authorities, including the Xuanwu Administration for Industry & Commerce [part of State Administration for Industry & Commerce; SAIC, IP Dragon], for pursuing these law enforcement actions. The EGACC group members look forward to working closely with these and other government enforcement authorities on this and future actions in the PRC and elsewhere."

Chinese guitar
The Chinese invented many snare instruments, including the pipa, a sort of lute.
This video shows what you can do with the pipa. Well, if you practise a long long time, that is. See what Liu Fang can do with it.

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