Tuesday, March 17, 2009

81.5 percent of Counterfeit Products in Japan originates from China

The Japan Times is running (and probably translated) Kyodo News' article which is quoting Japan's Finance Ministry saying that 81.5 percent of counterfeit products come from China.
  • Japan's 9 customs houses handled 26,415 cases of fake imported goods in 2008, up 16.6 percent from 2007 and the seventh consecutive record;
  • Cases linked to China (excluding Hong Kong), grew 33.6 percent from the previous year to 21,529;
  • compared with 2004 the number of counterfeit itmes from China expanded about sixfold in 2008.

Read The Japan's Times article here.

In the video below you can see how the seized counterfeit goods, including fake Louis Vuitton bags, are being destroyed by Japanese customs (in the text under the moving images you can see the Kanji, which are the Chinese characters the Japanese also use: 中国 for China, plus 82 percent, which refers to the rounded up 81.5 percent of all seized counterfeits goods by Japanese customs that originate from China).

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