Monday, April 06, 2009

Guidelines of the Supreme People's Court on Implementing the National IP Strategy

Last year China's State Council promulgated the National IP Strategy ("National IP Strategy 2008: Feasible Commitments or Road to Nowhere Paved with Good Intentions" read here), a roadmap that must lead China to become one of the most innovative countries by 2020. The goals formulated in the National IP Strategy were laudable indeed. Question was, how to achieve these goals? Now the Supreme People's Court has formulated some guidelines: 'Comments of the Supreme People's Court on Implementing the National Intellectual [Property] Rights Protection Strategy'. Read the Xinhua article via People's Daily Online here.

Peter Ollier and Janice Qu give a good overview of the guidelines in an article for Managing Intellectual Property; read it here.

I don't have the document, yet. Make my day and send it to ipdragon at gmail dot com. Thanks.
I will come back to it, after I got a chance to read it.

UPDATE: Jing "Brad" Luo of China Business Law sent me the link to the guidelines in Chinese, see here. Thanks Bradford!

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