Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WSJ Reports 90 Percent of China's Netizens Access Pirated Music

Mira Veda of the Huffington Post writes "The Wall Street Journal reports that 90% of China's Web Users, which is estimated to be about 162 million people, access pirated music from their computers every day ... " Read here.

Ms Veda, and with her many others, is doubting what the next best business model for the music industry will be in times of massive digital piracy: Google's advertising model (read 'Giving Away Music for Free to Destroy Copyright Piracy: Operation Succes, Patient Dead?') or France's three strikes system (read 'Taiwan's Three Strikes System Less Strict Than French Equivalent'), or some other model. Ms Veda is convinced that some regulation is a prerequisite for the world to see the potential of authors and performing artists that otherwise cannot afford to make music.

Below Ms Veda's article rjmiller (Rob Miller, who is a musician and songwriter) comments that regulation is not the answer and that it only hurts the extremely succesful musicians, quoting Tim O'Reilly 'Piracy is Progressive Taxation'. Mr Miller also wrote: "If you've ever spoken to an Indie artist, they don't worry about piracy, they worry about obscurity". 

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