Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marco Polo Hiuui: Knock-off Of Knock-off = Knock-off Square

Recently IP Dragon reported about Polo Santa Roberta, an "original" knock-off of Ralph Lauren's Polo brand and Burberry tartan pattern. However, when IP Dragon was taking a stroll down his Mong Kok neighbourhood, he learned that the knockoff is not so "original" after all. Marco Polo Hiuui is doing the same thing: mixing the Polo brand with that of Burberry's tartan pattern.

Ironic that Marco Polo, the iconic Italian explorer that marvelled about the Chinese technological developments and innovations of 1271 CE (actually especially the Mongol court, that, however, incorporated the best of Chinese culture and technology) that were unknown to the West, is now used as an icon for Chinese knock-offs. Given the incredible developments in China, I am sure China will again come up with original inventions, brands and artistic works, unknown to the West, soon.

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