Thursday, October 22, 2009

USCC 2008 Report to Congress: From Visible IPR Infringements To Undectable Cyber Espionage

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission came up with their 2008 Report to Congress. The conclusion includes:
  • "China continues to violate its WTO commitments to avoid trade distorting measures. Among the trade-related situations in China that are counter to those commitments are restricted market access for foreign financial news services, books, films and other media; weak intellectual property protection; sustained use of domestic and export subsidies; lack of transparency in regulatory processes; continued emphasis on implementing policies that protect and promote domestic industries to the disadvantage of foreign competition; import barriers and export preferences; and limitations on foreign investment or ownership in certain sectors of the economy."
  • "China has an active cyber espionage program. Since China’s current cyber operations capability is so advanced, it can engage informs of cyber warfare so sophisticated that the United States maybe unable to counteract or even detect the efforts."

So it's all about intellectual property rights violated, noticed or unnoticed. Read the 405 page report here.

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