Tuesday, November 03, 2009

First Issue The WIPO Journal Includes Articles About IPR in China

The first issue of the brand new 'WIPO Journal: Analysis and Debate about Intellectual Property Issues' has just been published. I have not read the issue yet, but I am sure Professor Peter K. Yu, the general editor of the magazine includes China in his article. So do Handong Wu and Peter Drahos. And probably also Christoph Antons, and maybe the other authors too. Check it out for yourself:

The WIPO Journal First Issue

Francis Gurry
Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation

The global intellectual property order and its undetermined future
Peter K Yu

The pre-history and establishment of the WIPO
Christopher May

International norm-making in the field of intellectual property: a shift towards maximum rules?
Annette Kur

Some consequences of misinterpreting the TRIPS Agreement
Susy Frankel

Seizure of generic pharmaceuticals in transit based on allegations of patent infringement: a threat to international trade, development and public welfare
Frederick M. Abbott

Threshold requirements for copyright protection under the International Conventions
Sam Ricketson

Rethinking of copyright institution for the digital age
Yoshiyuki Tamura

Internet piracy as a wake-up call for copyright law makers – is the “graduated response” the good reply??
Alain Strowel

The Lisbon Agreement’s misunderstood potential
Daniel Gervais

What is “traditional cultural expression”? – international definitions and their application in developing Asia
Christoph Antons

One hundred years of progress: the development of the intellectual property system in China
Handong Wu

The China-US relationship on climate change, intellectual property and CCS: requiem for a species?
Peter Drahos

Intellectual property and the transfer of green technologies: an essay on economic perspectives
Keith E Maskus

I wouldn't want to be starting from here, or why isn't intellectual property research better than it is?
Jeremy Phillips

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