Thursday, January 07, 2010

Business Prof Navarro: "China's Advantage Comes From 5 Mercantilist Trade Practices"

Business Professor Peter Navarro of the University of California-Irvine, lashed out in 2008 at China Inside Out (ABC), a documentary by Bob Woodruff about China's influence in Angola, Brazil, Cambodia and the US, because it allegedly paints a too nice picture of China. In his critique Professor Navarro wanted to debunk 'cheap labour' as the only explanation for China's economic success. He came up with five unfair mercantilist trade practices that would give China its advantage:

1. complex web of illegal export subsidies;
2. blatant currency manipulation;
3. counterfeiting and piracy;
4. lax environmental standards;
5. lax health and safety standards.

Professor Navarro wrote that in 2008, read here. Do you agree with him or not? And did things improve or deteriorate?

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