Friday, September 10, 2010

Chinese Coffee Cats, Obscene Brand "Star Tuuuut" and the Difference Between B and F

Do you remember the Starbucks versus Xingbake case? See here. But there are many more coffee(copy)cats in China, see here. Confusion between the Starbucks and Star tuuuut might has a lot to do with culture or rather language. Confusion might not be so big in Western countries (although it was about the tort: passing-off and dealt with an unregistered trademark in a Common Law country, it reminded me of the Advocaat case), but for many Chinese the difference between a B and F in the second syllable might not have a big impact on the total picture of the word.
IP Dragon received this picture of a coffee shop in China. Not completely PC but then again it's Friday.

Thank you P.

TGIF, so have a good weekend!
IP Dragon

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