Saturday, October 30, 2010

China's Efforts To Promote a Culture for IPR and IPR Exploitation

Zhong Yonghua, official of the Legal Affairs Department of the State Intellectual Property Organisation (SIPO) gave a presentation at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in the Japanese city Sendai, last September, 2010, which included information about how China is promoting the exploitation of intellectual property in China, see here.
  • China’s Patent Industrialization Project; 13 State Patent Commercialization Pilot Bases have been established by 2009;
  • IP Pilot Parks and IP Demonstration Park; 35 Parks have been established by 2009;
  • IP Pilot Companies and Organizations; about 1,000 IPR enterprises have been established by 2009.
  • China’s Patent Technology Exhibiting and Trade Center; 42 Centers have been established by 2009;
  • China’s Patent Exhibits;
  • Promotion of IPR Pledge.
He also covered how China is fostering a culture for IPR:
  • SIPO official portal (daily hits 10 million);
  • China Intellectual Property News;
  • Wealth of Knowledge (TV program);
  • China Inventions and Patents Magazine;
  • From “the World IP Day” to “IP Week”;
  • Open Day of SIPO;
  • Media Joint Action action—“Protecting IP, we are in action ”
  • CCTV Innovation Gala;
  • Chinese Patent Information Dissemination Platform.

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