Wednesday, December 08, 2010

HKPC Grants 100 mln HK Dollar: But What Is So Innovative About A Reverse-Engineered Seat For An Outdated Plane?

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Jake van der Kamp, columnist of Jake's View in the South China Morning Post is filleting Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)'s decision to grant 10 million HK dollar from the Innovation and Technology Fund to reverse engineer economy class seats for the Airbus A340, a plane that is phased-out. The receiver of the grant may not even manufacture the product in Hong Kong.

Van der Kamp writes: "Reverse engineering is the process of taking someone else's manufactured product completely apart, copying every bit of it and then manufacturing it yourself and calling it your own."

The question remains: what is innovative about reverse-engineering, if you do not add an improvement?

Article by Simpson Cheung for the SCMP (free) about the granting of the 100 million HK dollar, here free). Link to Jake's View here (paid).

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