Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100 Percent Australian made UGG Boots From China

Instead of the near undetectable counterfeit eggs, some counterfeit products are easier to determine. See the video, where counterfeiters made some mistakes, here.

The buyer of the fake boots was lured into buying the booths because it said: "100 percent Australian made". And the label said "Made in New Zealand" (see picture). That information was wrong, because as the eBay Guide 'How to tell fake UGG booths' tells you real UGG Australia booths are made in China too.

At the UGG Australia site you can fill in a URL at a search bar to see whether UGG Australia can guarantee that the products sold from that place are genuine, see here. That does not solve the problem for parallel import or discounts via other sites.

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Anonymous said...

Deckers DO NOT make genuine Aussie Uggs.
Their registered trade mark (UGG AUSTRALIA) is misleading and deceptive.
1. They are NOT Australian they are a US company
2. They DO NOT use Australian Sheepskin
3. They ARE NOT made in Australia
Their videos are telling everyone that if they are not made my Deckers, they are FAKES. This is also NOT TRUE. Who is making the fakes here - it certainly isn't Australia. Australian manufacturers are the only TRUE makers of Australian Ugg boots. To ensure your product is genuine Australian(Deckers is not) make sure it bears the "Made in Australia" logo. Manufactures work hard to have this logo added to their product. The Australian government would never allow a product to bear the label if it was not Australian made. Court cases over this matter are still pending and some have already been lost by Deckers.
If anything it is Deckers that is trading on the 'Australia' as they are not and have never been an Australian company. You must ask yourself, if this is the case,why do they bear the word 'Australia' in their trademark? Would this be to make people think they are Australian and are buying genuine Australian Uggs. Of course it is! All it is is clever, or should I say deceptive marketing on Deckers part. Their trademark (UGG AUSTRALIA) is NOT a registered trademark in Australia. That name with a logo is already registered in Australia by an Australian company. So do your homework and make sure you ARE buying
1. Dirct from Australia
(Anywhere else it is doubtful)
2.They bear the 'Made in Australia" logo