Wednesday, January 05, 2011

IP Dragon Blogging From Singapore at Global Forum on Intellectual Property

Raffles and Fairmont (Picture Danny Friedmann)

Once every other year the IP Academy of Singapore handpicks IP experts and brings them all together at the Fairmont, opposite the Raffles Hotel at the Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011.

Professor David Llewelyn made an excellent line up of speakers and IP Dragon is very happy to be give two presentations and launch the TP website. The programme is extremely full of must-see presentations.

For those passionate about IP in China, a lot of very interesting information can be expected.
Tomorrow, January 6th, Professor Peter Williamson (International Management, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Co-author of Dragons at Your Door: How Chinese Innovation is disrupting Global Competition is giving the keynote address 1 about IP and China, with the title "Geting Ready to Rumble in the New Asian Decade".

Then also there will be Special Judges' Plenary Session about "The Next Ten Years in Intellectual Property". Moderator will be professor Llewelyn and panelists include:

Dr Jiang Zhipei, Chief Justice of IPR Tribunal, People's Republic of China Supreme People's Court (retired) and senior advisor at Fangda Partners law firm.

I am a great fan of Dr Jiang's famous site China IPR Law on which Dr Jiang explains about IPR in China and answers letters from readers. This site I also heavily used when I was writing my master's thesis.

Also present are judge Joachim Bornkamm, presiding judge of the Federal Supreme Court of Germany;
Justice Andrew Phang, Judge of Appeal, Supreme Court of Singapore;
Hon. Randall R. Rader, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington DC;
Sir Richard Arnold, judge of the High Court, Chancery Division;
Hon. Robert van Peursem, vice president, District Court of The Hague, The Netherlands.

At parallel sessions IP in China experts such as Professors Peter K. Yu, Justin Hughes and Sun Haochen will be available. Last but certainly not least Professor Susan Scafidi will tell everything you ever wanted to know about fashion and IP.
More blogs about this event will follow.

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