Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Xie Lin Gives Leading Links To IPR in China in Chinese

My colleague and friend, the copyright in China scholar Xie Lin 謝琳, gives us a great overview of websites about IP in China in Chinese:
(1) For unofficial English versions of laws and regulations: Law Info China;
(2) For cases (which are judgments): IPR China Court;
(3) For news and comments: China IPR; the latter one is the website from Dr. Jiang Zhipei;
The Chinese versions are far more comprehensive than the English ones.

Xie Lin is also one of the great bloggers at , a site founded by Donnie, Hao Dong, who now works for Baker & McKenzie;, professor Wang Qian's blog;, professor Feng Xiaoqing's blog, very

Of course, the websites from the official government departments:

If you want more informtion, you may refer to this
website, at the bottom, it recommends good

Thank you Xie Lin.

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