Friday, April 01, 2011

IP Dragon Regains Blog from IP Komodo Dragon

Photo by Andrew Wilkinson (some rights are reserved)
After one month in which IP Dragon went to Beijing and Hong Kong to do research to the IP scene in these respective cities, he took the Dragon Temple Long Hua line 龙华线 back home to his den. He was a little nervous whether his cousin, the IP Komodo Dragon behaved a little bit while he stayed at his den. Beside some rotting carcases on the ground, the contents of the kitchen plundered and some pets of the neighbours missing, IP Dragon found that in his absence, IP Komodo Dragon revealed himself to be worse than the sorcerer's apprentice. Instead of frying him on the spot with his breath he sent the slimy scoundrel back to his archipelago, where that kind of behaviour might be tolerated. After cleaning the den IP Dragon found that the Indonesion reptile showed himself to be not only a less than hygienic, but worse, a blogjacking creature. Then again, when he started reading IP Komodo Dragon's posts in the month of March he could only determine that talent for everything IP runs in the family, and his mood became milder, even enthusiastic. In the end IP Dragon came to the conclusion that he is going to ask his Indonesian counsin to write once per month on IP Dragon. That might straighten him out. In the mean time IP Dragon recommends his audience to regularly check his cousin's site, although it might not be for the faint of heart: IP Komodo Dragon.

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