Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Invisible Gold in Asia: Where The Book Ends The Community Takes Off

Professor David Llewelyn's book Invisible Gold in China
 has its own Facebook page.
As you probably know the characters for China are 中 (centre) and 国 (country): the country in the middle. On most Chinese maps the country is actually situated in the middle of the world. Yes, China is an important country in all respects, but so is India and do not count Japan out. Indeed the whole Asian sphere is thriving and intellectual property assets can play a pivotal role of which the well informed can benefit. Professor David Llewelyn's book Invisible Gold in Asia is daring because it crossed the line of perception, by explaining intellectual property rights concepts to business people. It reminds me of Bruce Lee teaching martial arts to non-Chinese for the first time (movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story 1993). And it is no small feat: teaching to view the invisible. Some book stores do not get it: they position Invisible Gold in Asia at the law section. They do not understand that it is a business book about law. Well, for the readers, and for everybody interested in the field of intellectual property law from a business perspective, Professor Llewelyn started not so long ago a community on Facebook. Join the conversation, here.

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