Friday, July 15, 2011

Innovation: "Paradoxes, Google and China"

Google and China have found each other in a marriage of convenience, in order to serve the one god they both live by: innovation. This article deals with censorship and intellectual property. Two of the biggest challenges that the internet present to the legal community. The main characters are two of the biggest actors on the internet stage: Google and China. Google wants to offer all the information available to everyone, while not doing evil. China interprets having all the information available to everyone as an evil that will lead to instability.

Download the chapter here of Friedmann, Danny, Paradoxes, Google and China - How Censorship Can Harm and Intellectual Property Can Harness Innovation (July 1, 2011), which is a chapter of the book: Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella (Ed), Google and the Law, IT and the Law Series, TMC Asser, Forthcoming. 

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