Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Populism in America: Mitt Romney Is Playing The "IP in China" Card

By Michiel Tjoe-Awie

On November 6, 2012 there will be president's elections in the U.S.A. Mr Mitt Romney is a candidate for the Republican Party.

Romney sponsored a message showing the president of an American manufacturer of machines in Pataskala, Ohio, complaining about President Barack Obama's alleged lack of effort to "take China to the mat" as he promised four years ago. One can read at the website:

"Four years ago, President Obama promised to take China to the mat. Promising to create jobs by opening markets like China. We need a president who will fight for American workers."

We all know that market access is related to intellectual property rights, so in the video Steven Cohen, president of Screen Machine Technologies is making the alleged intellectual property enforcement deficit claim absolute: "There doesn't seem to be any effort at all to combat intellectual property theft in China."

After listening to mr. Romney, I decided to ask Danny Friedmann, owner and founder of this site about his views. Friedmann commented as follows:
  • IP Dragon's opinion is that this is simply not true and a form of populism. The message is: president in the White House has sold us out and does not protect our interests against China. The door might be open but the guests will be robbed. This is not very subtle. Yes, there is still room for debate whether the efficacy or efficiency of IP-policy could increase, but China certainly have made many efforts in regard to IP rights protection and enforcement.
  • Yes, it is bad that the IP rights of Screen Machine Technologies are being infringed. But they should and can do something about it: enforcing IP rights by suing the counterfeiters via the Chinese administrative, judicial and criminal courts has become a real option. 
A more elaborated vision is available on request. Ask mr. Friedmann for advice about IP-protection strategy in China.

Text Michiel Tjoe-Awie

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