Wednesday, August 24, 2011

John Marshall Law School Launches Chinese IP Resource Center in Chicago

A new wind from China 
has arrived in the windy city
Photo: Danny Friedmann
John Marshall Law School located in Chicago, US, has launched a Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center, see here. Since 2007 the law school also has a China IP summer programme.

Both intellectual property rights and China and its combination can rejoice in an increasing popularity and perceived importance by scholars, students, business people and the public at large. And rightly so. It's great that one of the key US universities realised this and committed themselves to the research of this burgeoning field. IP Dragon wishes the John Marshall Law School's China IP resource center much success.

Read a Xinhua article via Shanghai Daily about the center here.

The grand opening was August 23, 2011, see here. The ribbon cutting ceremony by the following people got it all officially started:
Leonard Amari, president of The John Marshall Law School Board of Trustees
Dorothy In-Wang Li, director of the Asian Alliance Program; 
Dean John E. Corkery; 
Lu Kun, the deputy consul general of the Chinese Consulate in Chicago; 
Gan Shaoning, the deputy commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO); 
Ma Hao, of the Patent and Trademark Law Office in Beijing and representative of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade
Yufeng (Ethan) Ma, a board member at McAndrews Held & Malloy Ltd., the United States law firm that donated to the Center. 

See here.

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