Friday, August 19, 2011

Rouse: IP China Express 340

" IP in China, dusk or dawn?"
Photo: Danny Friedmann
In the 340th IP China Express Rouse, the international IP business selected the following news items:

- Rubber products manufacturer Freudenberg victorious in a trademark conflict that has been going on since 2002. Finally the Trademark Appeal Board rejected the Chinese firm that wanted to register the same Freudenberg trademark.
-  Liu Binjie, head of the General Administration of Press and Publication, part of the National Copyright Administration, " with the rapid development and wide application of high technology (especially digital technology and network technology), the system of Copyright Law has faced formidable challenges" , therefore July 13, 2011, China has started to prepare its third amendment of its copyright law.
- Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court decided that Procter & Gamble's use ‘飘柔’ (Rejoice) in the Founder Qian typeface did not infringe Founder's copyright. Selling the software to Procter & Gamble implied consent that they could use it.
- Although Beijing-Shanghai High Speed ​​Rail was using technology imported from both the East Japan Railway Co. Ltd. and Kawasaki, the technology that it was seeking to patent was innovative. Therefore since 2009, China North Vehicle Group and China Academy of Railway Sciences have begun applying for patents abroad.
- Rouse also gives a summary of the 2006-2010 White Paper on Intellectual Property cases involving foreign parties published by Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court. Read IP Dragon's May 17, 2011 article about it here.

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