Monday, November 21, 2011

Patents, Trade and Innovation in China, December 13, 2011 George Washington Law School

George Washington University Law School and Fordham Law School have organised a public discussion on “Patents, Trade and Innovation in China." The goal is conveying practical Strategies for engaging China.
When: December 13, 2011 
Where: George Washington Law School.
Who are your discussion partners? The "lineup" is experienced and knowledgeable: 
  • David Kappos, director USPTO;
  • Chief Judge Rader, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit; 
  • Professor Mark Cohen (Fordham), who worked as director international IPR at Microsoft and before that, did a lot of negotiating with the Chinese government as senior IPR attache for the U.S. government;  
  • Professor Carl Minzner (Fordham), who wrote an interesting article called 'China's Turn Against Law' about China's policy to de-emphasis formal law and court adjudication. I think this also applied to intellectual property conflicts for a long time, but since the last few years I have noticed things are changing.
If you are interested in participating in the discussion RSVP to with the subject line: “China Conf.”


Anonymous said...

dragon, where can I sign up?

IP Dragon said...

Send an email to with the subject line: “China Conf.” and your name in the email body.

Have fun.

IP Dragon