Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese perception of IP: 'fair game'

Peter Warren wrote an article for The Guardian about the Chinese perception of hacking and to a lesser extend about their perception towards infringement of intellectual property. You will find the latter passages quoted below.

Feng Ma, an expert on China for the Taiwanese intellectual property law firm Osha Liang:

"most illicit users in China are concerned with more mundane issues such as getting free goods and software and making money. "Intellectual property is seen as fair game, especially because western companies put their factories in China so they can get cheap labour and avoid environmental rules."

Arthur Yuan, a lawyer at US-based Senniger Powers, a leading intellectual property (IP) firm:
"The [Chinese] population does not consider the IP of companies abroad of value. They think that as long as it is for the glorification of the government, then the taking of information is justified - and they see no reason why they should not take a shortcut if it is possible."

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