Friday, January 27, 2006

NFL takes action against counterfeit merchandise in US from China

The National Football League, Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks filed suit in Wayne Circuit Court on Monday naming three suspected counterfeiters and 400 "John Doe" counterfeiters. Circuit Judge John A. Murphy signed a temporary restraining order allowing NFL investigators to seize phony goods and dispose of the merchandise by destroying it or donating it to charity.
Most of the counterfeit merchandise seems to come from China and enters the United States through New York and Los Angeles.

Some of the counterfeiters seem to use some creativity:
"One seized hat, for example, has "Detroit" stitched onto it and an Olde English "D" like the one worn by the Tigers baseball team inside the flaming circle logo used by the Tennessee Titans football team."

Read David Shepardson and Ronald J. Hansen's artikel for the Detroit News here.

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