Friday, February 03, 2006


2004 Documentary About Counterfeiting Still Relevant

How long would it take to make copies of Nikes?
Chinese counterfeiters can do it:

"within 10 days, 1,000 shoes at $4 a pair."
No costly R&D needed, nor marketing. The counterfeiters seem te have given a whole new meaning to Nike's 'Just do it' slogan.

The CBS News 60 minutes' The World's Greatest Fakes documentary is, except for the little part about Silk Alley, still very relevant. See the article and especially video (on your left hand, just below the title) here.

Bob Simon interviewed Daniel C.K. Chow, law professor of Ohio University who specialises in the fight against Chinese counterfeiters (see his statement before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China here), attorney Harley I. Lewin, who is chasing counterfeiters for more than 20 years, Jack Clode, an investigator for Kroll Associates and Gao Feng, of the Chinese Public Security Bureau (part of the Ministry of Public Security) that has to police against counterfeiters).

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