Friday, February 10, 2006


IPR attorneys say the darndest things:
"Profits of Panda names not to be enjoyed by a unique person"

ChinaDaily who uses the ShanghaiDaily as its source has an article about the websites names, named after the giant pandas that were given to Taiwan as a political gesture; and, etc., are being sold by Peng Zhangsheng at

They even interviewed IPR attorney Gu Huimin of Shanghai NORSN Law Firm who says:
"Though the Websites don't involve trademarks or corporate names, the giant pandas are of public interest. Profits from these names shouldn't be enjoyed by a unique person."

Right, IP Dragon thinks only the owners of the names should profit from them: in casu the pandas.

"If the government thinks the Websites tarnish the seriousness of panda-giving issue or influence the relationship between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, it may cancel them. Then buyers can face a serious loss, if they pay a lot."

Update here.

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