Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Honda vs SIPO

Honda has announced it will sue SIPO for its decision to invalidate the exterior design patent application for Honda’s new version of the CR-V, see here. In the eyes of SIPO the new design was too similar to the original version, thus likely to confuse buyers.

Now Mainici Daily News reports that Honda is actually suing SIPO for its decision not to recognise its design patent of the CR-V sport-utility vehicle. In China patents can protect inventions, utility models and designs, see here.

"In November 2003, Honda sued Shuanghuan Auto and another Chinese firm for alleged illegal copying of the design of the CR-V sport-utility vehicle, demanding 100 million yuan in damages." These two other firms are: Shijiazhuang Shuanghuan Automobile Co and Hebei Xinkai Automobile Manufacturing Co.

Shanghuan Automobile Co. in North China's Hebei Province, insists its Laibao SR-V did not infringe the design patent of Honda's CR-V and went to SIPO to invalidate Honda's design patent application. In March SIPO invalidated the application. Honda has asked a Chinese court to nullify SIPO's decision. If Honda is not getting a design patent for the new CR-V, the Laibao SR-V is not infringing.

The design of SIPO's logo has become clearer, what about its decisions?

Read Mainichi's article here.

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