Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Concerned About Image: 'Pirated Windows XP Copied from Shanghai Government Bureaus'

"Five pirated Windows XP copies were found with the package saying they were copied from legal copies used in Shanghai government bureaus."

A senior official at the IT industry commission said that this was out of the question:
""They are definitely not copied from government-used copies and the sellers just make use of people's trust of the government", said Guo Zhongchao, a senior official at the IT industry commission."

Why would the possibility be excluded that some public servant treated the software not careful or even copied it? It does not sound so outrageous to me. Public servants are human beings after all. Instead of complaining that the infringements 'harm the image of the city and even 'the nation' they should investigate the matter and take precautions, such as pre-installing software to prevent it happen again.

Read the Xinhua article here.

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